The Little Travelling Dress

During the last couple weeks of summer I joined a group of photographers from around North America and we participated in a travelling dress project. A travelling dress project works like this, the group decides on a dress, someone orders the dress and has it sent to the first photographer on the list. That photographer has a week with the dress before they have to send it on to the next photographer. This goes on until all 8 photographers have photographed the dress. So, the premise is the same dress gets send to 8 different photographers, all with their own unique style and vision. Everything is kept top secret so we don't influence one another with our images. No one has seen each others finished images, until now.

I have seen other travelling dress projects and I knew that I wanted to one day be apart of one. I have seen this project done with an adult dress, ours however, was slighty different. We chose to complete our project using a childs size dress. Meaning we would need to find a child to model the dress for us, Clearly, I didn’t have to look far, as Chloe is and always will be, my muse.

Sabrina, of Forever 22 Photography received the dress first and then she mailed it off to me. I had the dress from September 15th to September 20th. I then sent the dress to Brittani of Brittani Gonzalez Photography.

I actually shot the dress twice. I’ll share some from my first outing with the dress. I wanted to edit these in a completely different style the my own.

Ultimately, I decided to take Chloe and the travelling dress out again. So one warm evening, we made our way to a creek in town. The dress was a size 5, and Chloe is a size 3. So although it did not fit her perfectly, I loved the way it hung off her. And the way she would carry it, trying hard to not get it wet. The light was so beautiful that evening. I love the two completely different set of images I was able to take. One dark and moody, with a storm rolling in, the other soft and serene, the perfect fall evening.

Follow the blog posts below to see the other photographers take on the project.

Tracy Nelson