Declin : Kelowna Newborn Photographer

Goal for 2019, blog more. I won’t blog every session, but I will try to blog at least once a month. And I’m going to start blogging my personal images too I think.

I had Declin’s session back in September. That’s how behind I am. I’m going to share some of my favourite images from his session. Some of these are now hung on the walls at Community Midwives Kelowna.

This guy was seriously such a dream to photograph. I even got to photograph his cousin a couple months earlier. How sweet, the two boys grandma, gifted their parents the session. I love that! I would much rather receive a photography session (a birth session for my next baby perhaps, wink wink) then some clothes the baby is going to out grow in no time. Unless its a really cute handmade piece. I’m a sucker for handmade clothing and toys. But seriously, if you are ever stumped with what to get someone who is expecting, reach out and lets gift with a gift certificate! They will have the memories for a lifetime, instead of just a couple months.

Tracy Nelson