Project 365


Last year I challenged myself. I put forth a goal on January 1, 2017 where I would partake in my own Project 365. Wondering what a Project 365 is? Essentially, you take a photo, everyday, for a year. I wanted to document my days, our days really, Chloe and mine's. So I started to pick up my camera, everyday. Some days were more challenging then others, some days I didn't feel inspired, and some days, I simply used my iPhone, but I made it a priority to capture our everyday.

Through this project, I learned how to better use my camera, I challenged myself with different lighting situations, I was forced to look at everyday life with a toddler and find beauty in it. And boy, did I ever. I have a whole year, documented, from the mundane to the extraordinary. A whole book, printed, with our everyday life for a year. Do you know how excited this makes me?!


I look through it and I am reminded of little moments I would have otherwise forgotten. Like how Chloe use to color on her high chair tray instead of in her coloring book. How she use to fall asleep in her highchair when it was close to her afternoon nap. The day I allowed her to have her first Popsicle. How she use to stare out the windows and look for Daddy. Or how her and our dog use to be inseparable. 

I am so proud of myself for taking on this project, and for finishing it. There was this huge sense of accomplishment on December 31, 2017, as well as the day I got to hold the book in my hands. I'm on day 26 of my new Project 365, 2018 edition.  A piece of my heart is spilled out in those pages, and I can't wait to put more of my heart into the next one. 



Here are a couple of memories from the book. Chloe and Snu looking out the window for Spencer, Chloe coloring with chalk in what was my favorite jacket of hers, and the way Chloe looks up with love at her daddy.