Our Engagement Story

I was having trouble deciding what I was going to write about for my first blog post. Then, like magic, Spencer gave me a story. Our engagement story.

Spencer had been acting a little funny since we moved to Kelowna. He was asking me more about the style of ring I would like, if I would want to be asked on Christmas or have our own day, who would be on our intimate wedding list. He even showed me a picture of a ring that "popped up on his hockey fantasy app".  I mean, we talked about getting married before, but this was excessive on his part. Then there were the thirty minute phone calls he would have in our car parked outside our house. When I asked him who he was talking to for so long, he would reply with his mom, his dad or one of his friends back in Saskatoon. I may have had some suspicions but I definitely didn't actually think he was planning to propose anytime soon.

Spencer absolutely dreads when I ask him to go location scouting with me and take some family photos. He also hates going on walks. In fact, he once told me he would rather get his eyelid caught in a fish hook then go on a walk. So you can imagine my surprise, when one Thursday evening, he suggests we go for a walk to our spot on Knox Mountain and take some pictures the following evening when he is done work.  

Friday night rolls around. He calls me to tell me he has to go to Winfield to get some material for the framers; he should be home at 4:30. Well, it gets dark early here in Kelowna, if he doesn't get home quick there will be no way we can take pictures. He arrives home around 4:30 and the three of us take off to Knox Mountain. We have this spot we go to, it was the first lookout spot we went to when we came to Kelowna to visit before moving here.


We get to the place were we have to park and it's dark. Like blackness all around. Spencer grabs Chloe and a flashlight and we start our hike up. Our spot isn't far up but I'm scared. I'm pretty sure I can see a wolf at the top (how I can see a wolf in pitch black I don't know). We walk for maybe a minute, all the while I am basically freaking out that we are going to get attacked by either a wolf or a bear. Spencer is trying to keep me calm but it's not working. So he tells me it's alright and we can go somewhere else. I feel so bad because it seems like he really wanted to go there. Well of course he did Tracy, he wanted to propose to you at a spot that meant something!

So we get in the car and make our way downtown to the lake. Spen spots some trees all lit up with blue Christmas lights and tells me that's where we should go. Of course we need change for the meters and neither of us have any. I thought we were going up a mountain not downtown. So Spen finds a bank (he is really making an effort to take me on a walk tonight, so not like him). He gets the change and we go park. Walking on the pathway all illuminated by the Christmas lights, Spen makes a comment about how crazy it is that we are now here, in Kelowna, and how far we have come. A little way down the pier, Spen asks to take a photo of Chloe and I. So we pose and then he calls Chloe over. He gives her a folded up note and tells her to give it to Mum. I unfold it and it says "Mum will you marry daddy?" I'm in disbelief and look up. Spen pulls a box out of his pocket and is about to get down on one knee when I spot Chloe taking off in the other direction and say, "Spen, Chloe is walking away". He calls for her and she comes and stands right beside us. He continues! He gets down on one knee and says "Tracy. Dawn. Nelson. Will you marry me?" Right around here I kind of forget what happens. I obviously said "YES"!  Spen puts the ring on my finger and I'm pretty certain I jumped up and down and screamed a little. 


I can't stop staring at the ring. Which he spent that last two months designing. Ya, all those times he was on the phone in the car; it was with the designer back in Saskatoon. He didn't have to go Winfield that night after work either, he went to pick up the ring at our friends office. He was smart and got it shipped there, where I would have no idea. Spencer cannot keep a secret from me. In fact, when he buys me gifts he wants me to have them right away. So its no surprise that he had the ring with him for under two hours before placing it on my finger. 

I still can't believe we are engaged! That we are planning a wedding! I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. Even if he complains about all the location scouting and family photo shoots I make him take with me. He might hate it, but he still does it because he knows how happy it makes me. Now that's love.